Using Affiliate Products To Start Making Money Online

by Jo Mark

Making money online with affiliate programs actually has very little to do with the affiliate products. After you’ve completed your research to determine which products you want to promote, your involvement with the product ends. From that point on it is all about traffic. To be successful using affiliate products, you need to focus on sending traffic to the merchant’s sale page. Period.

Most affiliate products convert at about 1 percent. That means for every 100 targeted visitors that see the product, only 1 will make a purchase. Many people try to diversify their Internet business by recommending eight or even ten different affiliate products.

Although this may sound like a good business strategy, it can make it very difficult to make money in the beginning, particularly if you only do this part time.

Over the past 7 days, I’ve sent a total of 848 visitors to the affiliate programs that I promote. Out of those 848 visitors, 7 of them made purchases. I’m able to do those kinds of numbers because I do this full time. If you are only working part time, you might only be able to get one tenth as much traffic.

If you are sending a total of 85 visitors a week split among 9 different affiliate programs, it might take you almost three months before you generate your first sale. Most people will give up long before that time and, as a result, they will never make money online.

If you are working this business part time, and you want to make money using affiliate products, use just one or two reasonably priced affiliate products. Focus all of your marketing efforts on these products. Using this strategy, you might expect to make your first sale in two to three weeks. But, in order to do this, you have to market aggressively. You should write articles, post on forums, use some form of outside advertising (even if it is free), and post ads on your site. Of course, this is not a complete list. But the point is, you need to use a variety of strategies to direct traffic to your merchants. By doing this, you can start making money online using affiliate products.

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